Sunday, July 17, 2011

Korean Cosmetics, Asian Beauty Heaven in Montreal

Asian skincare seems light years ahead somehow, compared to what we can get here. The more I read about new beauty innovations from the east the more jealous I get. I used to get so excited and over their sheet masks that get so many insane reviews, over their unique skincare with unique ingredients, over their make up and of course the now famous BB creams.
I am not a huge fan ordering stuff online due to the fact that i like that shopping experience, the touching the smelling the feeling of the product, not to mention when it comes to make-up you need to see the colour, especially for something such as BB creams, in order to make sure the colours match.
I actually decided to take my chances and scout China Town in search for Asian cosmetics with no luck. I didn’t find anything. Just as I was about to give up, I stumbled upon this store on Ste Catherine, Korean Cosmetics, that proved to be my dream come true.
Walk inside and you will find all Asian skincare and make-up your heart desires.
An array of sheet face masks (which are amazing btw), face stuff, body stuff, all famous BB creams (with testers!!!), coloured lenses, make-up... you name it , they have it.
It`s like a little Wonderland walking in there, Asian make-up is truly understated, they have so many innovative things, I wouldn`t even know where to start. I was lucky enough to have Apple, one of the sale assistants guide me through the store.   It can get overwhelming, and she helped me pull myself together, matching me with items that would suit me, helping me pick the right BB cream, explaining items and giving me all kind of cool tips.
This is a store that must be checked out. Several times.
In order not to feel overwhelmed, ask for help. The girls are super friendly and knowledgeable.
Check out the two amazing locations and have fun discovering the wonderful world of Asian Skincare.
Check out there webiste here, and as a little preview:

BB Cream Heaven

 The coloured lens section, Apple convinced me to give one a try and I am hooked. I want one in every colour possible now. They are so much fun, and because the owners have some sort of special connections, you get them for super cheap: 25$ a pair!


  1. I was looking for a place to buy BB cream in Montreal and I stumbled onto your blog! Couldn't help but notice we had chosen the same blog background... haha! Great post, Thanks xx

  2. I went to the location in the Swatow and it seemed a little smaller with less products than this one. I really have to go to the one on Ste-Catherine!!!

    I've also discovered this website which also sell bb cream and other nice asian products. I got my Missha M perfect cover from it:

  3. wow nice store.finally they have they also have stores for asian fashion?im looking for one too i wanna buy those bow rain boots that i saw in an asian online shop.

  4. went to this store last year in montreal, they sell really nice brands. especially the skin79 bb cream, i love it ! ppl which live out of montreal could get it online from they sell bunch of korean skincares and cosmetics.